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Why El Chiflón Posta Pueblo?

El Chiflón: because of the provincial park in which we are located. El Chiflón Park is a geological and archaeological reserve that raises large and varied geoforms between reddish sandbanks, dry beds and remains of ancient civilizations. Here you will find nature in its maximum splendor and incredible landscapes.

Meaning of chiflón: The sound produced by the wind as it circulates between the rock formations so characteristic of the park. When the wind sneaks through the holes it seems to whistle or whistle, hence its name.

Posta: due to its location. It is the perfect stopover for major tourist attractions in La Rioja and San Juan. We allow travelers to rest one night at the hotel to fully enjoy the attractions and avoid exhausting trips.

Meaning of posta: intermediate point between the origin and destination of a communication. The notion of ancient times when travelers or messengers stopped at the different posts located along the road to rest and look for provisions.

Pueblo: mainly due to its architectural design with low environmental impact. The entire establishment is on one floor and the rooms are distributed on both sides of a wide corridor that rises towards the hill, just like the streets of old mountain towns.